As COP21 was organised in 2015, a call for action was launched under the impetus of 3 women networks, Femmes, Débats & Société, Femmes & Développement Durable and SupplémentdElles. As COP 22 was launched in Marocco in 2016, it was time to take stock of the progress made with the preparation of a White paper and a conference. Since 2016, SupplémentdElles has taken the lead to implementa the Climate Health initiative.
Réseaux SupplementdEllesSupplémentdElles (ex HRM Women) was founded in 1998 as a networking platform for higher-education professional women, C-level executives and female entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and economic sectors. Supplementdelles aims to lean in on the issues that women face in the workplace, and which affect society as a whole. We want to empower and promote women and knowledge-sharing to actively contribute to building a more gender-balanced and humanistic society.

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Réseau Femmes et développement durableFemmes & Développement Durable (FDD) (Women and Sustainable Development) is a network for professional exchanges, experience sharing and best practices. Started in 2000, it has become a non profit association (under the law of 1901). FDD follows two objectives: first, to promote a female perspective on topics related to the environment, health and more generally, sustainable development. Our second objective is to strengthen women’s role and action for sustainable development.